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How To Get The Most From A Diesel Engine

The largest vehicles, like trains, bulldozers, and cargo ships, all use diesel engines. Even though they are similar to gasoline engines in the way they work, they are far more powerful for moving heavy loads. In a diesel engine, air is injected into the cylinder, but it is compressed to a very high pressure by the piston. When only a small amount of fuel is sprayed into the cylinder, it ignites and explodes instantly, pushing up the piston and creating the power that drives the machine. The majority of marine vehicles use diesel engines.

A diesel engine has some advantages over a gas-powered engine, and one of the main ones is its long life. A marine vehicle with a diesel engine can be expected to last 5,000 hours before needing an overhaul, while a gas engine in a marine vehicle will not last much more than 1,500 hours without an overhaul. One reason for this is that a diesel engine turns more slowly, making the pistons move up and down less and causing less wear. Another reason is that diesel fuel, unlike gasoline, contains oil, which serves as a lubricant that protects the engine from the wearing effects of friction.

While a diesel engine is long-lasting, it needs regular maintenance to last as long as possible. As the hours accumulate, the time will come for an overhaul. An overhaul is a cost effective alternative to purchasing and installing a brand new engine, which may require some refitting of the engine casing, costing additional labor. An overhaul can not only extend the life of a diesel engine, it can improve engine performance and fuel efficiency as well.

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An overhaul involves taking apart an engine piece by piece, cleaning it, and reassembling it. During this process, each component part of the engine is examined for signs of wear and replaced as necessary. Some specific overhaul services include rebuilding and calibrating the fuel pump, rebuilding the injector, rebuilding the governor, pressure testing of the water jacket, grinding and rebuilding the cylinder head valve seat, and grinding the valve cam.

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